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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen renovations are always a difficult decision, but choosing the right company can help make it easier. Allow us to remodel your kitchen and you’ll be certain that every detail will meet high standards for quality workmanship with affordable pricing!

Kitchen remodeling is our specialty. Whether you want a Farmhouse, Modern, Coastal kitchen design or a dramatic contemporary feel, we offer the best service in Columbia and Lexington SC. We are proud to be one of South Carolina’s top kitchen contractors! With skilled interior designers on board who specialize specifically with designing kitchens—and fully licensed contractor and insured installation professionals.
Whether you plan a kitchen remodel with small spaces or large, we have the professional insight and experience
 to handle any kitchen renovations of all sizes.

Kitchen Renovations in Columbia SC

Aside from your bathroom, the kitchen is where you and your family spend the most time in your home. You deserve a kitchen that is beautiful, functional and one that you’re proud of!

Your kitchen lies at the heart of your home. Renovating your kitchen space can dramatically improve your home’s overall appearance, purpose, and functionality.

Whether your kitchen needs a simple makeover, or a complete overhaul, the team at Palmetto Renovations has you covered.

Our team of professionals have remodeled countless kitchens in our hometown of Columbia. We know what’s functional, efficient, and what looks good.

When it comes to kitchen renovations Columbia SC, the sky is truly the limit! We offer countless designs, colors, sizes and layouts to choose from that make creating your dream space a reality.

Your new kitchen renovation is only 1 click away

We can help with any design style:

  • Modern – clean lines, neutral color palette, and simple form
  • Farmhouse – comfort, warmth and rustic style
  • Bohemian – eclectic boho-chic
  • Industrial – stripped back architectural details
  • French country- elegance of antique french with a coziness focus of country settings
  • Coastal- soft and natural tones with costal elements

We can help with any kitchen remodeling needs:

  • More cabinets space
  • Update style
  • New appliances
  • More counter space addition of a pantry
  • Addition of an island wet/dry bar area
  • Redesign layout of existing kitchen
  • Open shelving
  • Addition of double microwave/oven cabinet

How do you remodel a kitchen?

After you finalize the contract for renovating kitchens, planning and design is the next step. The typical steps in the kitchen remodeling workflow include:
  • Selection and ordering of materials
  • Approval of building
  • Demolition
  • Delivery of required materials to the site
  • Electric and plumbing installations
  • Wall and floor preparation
  • Flooring installation
  • Cabinet installation
  • Priming and painting walls
  • Countertop installation
  • Backsplash installation
  • Installing and completing the plumbing fixtures

Kitchen Layout Ideas

In planning your next kitchen remodel, it is important to consider the layout. The three most common layouts are u-shaped kitchens, L shaped spaces that maximize use of limited space while offering some storage solutions for pots and pans above floor level as well as countertop height options and then there’s “galley” style kitchens which involve open concept breakfast nook/dining area.

The U-shaped Kitchen refers to counters on three walls, with or without an island in the middle. This layout adds more storage space and can help people separate cooking tasks based on what’s involved – for instance if you’re preparing food at home then maybe ingredients want different temperatures so they have their own zone apart from being heated up shared by other items such as condiments before serving them onto your plates!

The ‘L’ shaped Kitchen takes away one wall while still helping maximize small living areas by putting all appliances against its outer face instead reducing footprint within rooms.

Galley Kitchens are typically found in galley kitchens, which have long narrow Walkways and two walls for work. These can be useful spaces because the chef has easy access to either side without blocking other traffic or visibility from outside of their immediate area.

Islands are a great way to add extra seating and storage in your home. They’re also perfect for containing all those clutter-filled items you’ll never use again!
In fact, most homes with children have an island where they can put their toys when not in use – so why don’t we make ours work better?

When space is limited and you want an island but can’t fit one in your kitchen, it’s time for the peninsula. It looks similar to U-shaped layouts with open sides that face each other like two arms extending from a body (hence why they’re often referred as “peninsulas”). The benefit? You still get all of those great advantages – such as extra storage or countertop options! And if there are children running around who need things organized constantly too quickly before anyone else does… well now everything has its place without having any clean up worries ever again.

When you finish with your kitchen remodel, it’s time for that new luxury spa bathroom renovation!




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1Does a Kitchen Renovation increase my home’s value?

All renovations are an investment in yourself and your home. If you picture your house as a collection of rooms, most of those rooms are just simple boxes except for your bathroom(s) and kitchen. The bathrooms and kitchens therefore bring you the most Return on Investment (ROI) at around 60%. As these two areas of your home get the most practical use, they are also the most likely to impress any potential home buyer touring your home.

2Does a Kitchen Renovation require a permit?

Going through the process of ordering a permit is always recommended with any renovation. Local municipalities have different standards for what is required and that changes occasionally. Any renovation that involves structural, electrical, or plumbing changes most likely require permits and inspections to ensure that all changes are made according to local ordinances. Palmetto Renovations of Columbia, INC goes through the permitting process for every job.

3How long does a Kitchen Renovation take?

There are so many variables that go into predicting how long a project will take, from the finishes selection to the possibility of hidden damages and scope changes. Generally, from the day of contract signing to the day the client signs their certificate of completion, projects tend to take several months to complete.

4Is it cost efficient to just repaint or modify my existing cabinets?

No. Painting and/or modifying existing cabinetry can be a massive cost! Yes, buying cabinets can be expensive; however, painting or modifying your existing cabinets can require multiple deployments of personnel as the painting process for cabinetry is arduous. To properly modify existing cabinetry, a carpenter is required which brings in additional costs. Building new cabinets, in comparison is cheaper, and you have the option of choosing the grade of those cabinets, giving you more control over your costs.

5Where do I start when renovating my Kitchen?

The most important thing to decide when looking into any kitchen renovation is to figure out what scope you can afford. Kitchen renovations vary in price based on the scope of your project and the cost of your finishes. Generally, Kitchens range from $30,000 to $60,000 for Labor and Raw Materials with finishes starting at around 50% of the Labor and Raw Materials Price. Knowing how much you can afford before getting into the Design Process allows you to move forward quickly and know your design limits prior to moving forward with your project.


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