Meet Our Team


Matthew Graham

After more than seven years in the commercial and residential construction business, working on multiple projects throughout the United States, Matthew Graham began Palmetto Renovations (2013) out of his desire to start a small family run business on the northeast side of Columbia. What began as a small-scale renovations company, has developed into what is now an all-encompassing renovations company for both, commercial and residential construction projects. With a home builders license, Palmetto Renovations has the ability to build a home from the ground up. However, staying true to his roots, Matthew Graham has decided to keep Palmetto Renovations primarily focused on home renovations, remodeling, and house flipping.

Kimberly Bonilla

Operations Director
A native of Germany, Kimberly brings culture and diversity to our team. She has a passion for bringing order and structure to everything she is tasked with, and always strives to make whatever project she's engaging in a top priority. As the Operations Director, she is solely responsible for the oversight, management, and organization of the day-to-day functionality of all divisions of our company. Customer satisfaction is her primary focus, and the rapport she maintains with her customers is paramount to the success of our customers, as well as the team she leads.

Charles Seals

Project Manager
A well-rounded contractor with 12 years of experience, Charles has a passion for building. Seeing someone’s idea or project come together is one of the most rewarding things for him. He always sports a smile and has a great work ethic. Charles` Motto: “Tell me how I can help you!”
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Justin Wright

Office Manager
Justin is one of the newest team members of Palmetto Renovations. He brings with him 3 years of experience in the Commercial Construction Industry. He started working in Construction in the summer of 2017 and ever since has been passionate about remodels, renovations and new construction. He enjoys helping his team however he can and hopes to bring new ideas to assist the constantly growing company.
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Jake Dyer

Interim Sales Director
Jake is from Charlotte, North Carolina. A recent graduate of Presbyterian College with a Bachelors in Business Administration, Jake has extensive experience in sales, customer service, multimedia editing, and management. He likes to spend his off days on the golf course or at local food spots, but also enjoys relaxing and sightseeing around the Carolinas. As the newest member of the team, Jake offers a diverse skillset that allows him to thrive in a new environment and motivates him to do everything he can to serve our customers and his community! He is excited to make a difference within the company and is eager to fulfill the goals of the company moving forward into the future!
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Lendale Vazquez

Assistant Office Manager
Lendale is originally from Gilbert and has 6 years of experience in landscaping, construction, and general contracting. She started working at a young age and has since continued in the construction industry. When she is not working she enjoys traveling, weightlifting, and dancing.

Renee Graham

Sales Consultant
Renee joins Palmetto Renovations with 30 years of experience in the commercial and residential industry. Her passion is renovation and design. She enjoys assisting the client in turning their home into a warm and inviting space for everyone to enjoy. She enjoys being a part of a family oriented firm where the potential to grow is unlimited. She loves that Palmetto Renovations is professional in every way, and enables the team to complete any project, whether large or small, for your home or business. Renee`s Motto: Make it beautiful, make it liveable!

Bethany Wells

Bethany has an extensive background in sales spanning over 15 years. She is a people person and strives to make all her customer's dreams come true. She takes pride in the company she works for and feels blessed to be a part of the team.
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Matthew Hebert

Lead Technician
Matthew was originally born in Maine. He moved to Columbia about 2 years ago. He has two years of experience in the field. In his spare time, he likes to play disc golf.
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Neri Torres

Field Technician
Neri is our team player. He is willing to assist any team member on any projects. Demo is his specialty. He enjoys “Demo Day and cleanup”. Tear down the old and start fresh with the new. Hurry up and clean up so we can see where we are going. The crew always knows they can count on him as a strong member to help move the project along. In his off time, Neri is a chef. He enjoys cooking up new dishes for family and friends.
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Zinda Bolton

Lead Painter
Zinda is our experienced painter of 15 years. She has been a valuable part of Palmetto Renovations for the past 3 years. In addition to being a lead painter, she is a team leader in overseeing the cleanliness of our job sites. She attends to all needs on site as they arise. No stranger to hard work, she has expanded her ability and knowledge in sheetrock repair finishing as well as trim work and exterior repair. Outside of work, Zinda likes to spend time with her family and friends.
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