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Our Company’s Calculated Five Step Process

As with any home renovation project, it can be overwhelming to know there will always be unforeseen circumstances and obstacles ahead. However, with our calculated five step process, we can ensure you that any circumstance or obstacles will be handled in a manner that makes your home renovation experience as stress free as possible.

1.) Introductory Conversation and Appointment Set Up



Our process begins with the introductory conversation you will have with our administrative assistant upon contacting us. Our administrative assistant will ask questions to find out the potential scope of work and set up the earliest available appointment with our sales representative.

2.) Free Project Consultation



On the day of the appointment, our sales representative will meet with you at the job site. This allows Palmetto Renovations to put their eyes on the work to be done and provide us with a clear picture of the necessary tools and teams needed for the job.  While in your home, we will take notes about your project to make sure we don’t miss any details as to how you wish your home renovation project to progress.  Also, we may take a few pictures to allow us to coordinate with our team back in the office about the project procedures and what is to be done.  Our notes and pictures will allow us to create estimates for your project.  Depending on the size and scope of the project, we even may be able to give you an estimate while on site! Our sale representative will also provide you with the next available production date on the company calendar. Note that this date, if not reserved, cannot be held on to for your particular project as it is on a first come first serve bases. Please refer to Step 4 on how to reserve your spot!

3.) Obtain Free Estimate and Solidify Project Details




All our estimates are typed into the company’s database that then generate the calculated estimate. Since the process is electronic, it is important to provide us with the best email to contact you as it will be the email address we use to send the estimate to you. Once you receive the estimate, you can contact us and review with the sales representative any questions, comments, concerns you may have.

* Project Specific Filing Process *



In particular projects, there are extra filing and paperwork that need to be handled with the State or Home Owners Association. It would be at this step in these particular cases at the paperwork will be handled because with us, we will assist you and handled as much of the filing process as possible to alleviate any of that workload from your hands. 

4.) Production and Debris Removal


In order to reserve your spot on the company’s project roster for the next available production date, as the company operates on a first comes basis, a signed estimate and 50% of the overall production cost need to be given to the sales representative. Once the sale representative has both items, he/she will reserve your spot on the company’s roster. All information will be forwarded to the Field Manager to then coordinate the teams accordingly to complete your project in a timely manner. We of course will all remove all debris in accordance with SC health codes.

5.) Completion and Quality Inspection



Once the project is complete, our Field Manager will speak with you as the project is never officially “complete” until you are satisfied. Once you are completely satisfied with the work, the remaining 50% of the overall project price is charged.

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